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Vanarama Team-Mates – Jack Atkinson tells all from the Alfreton dressing room!

Vanarama Team-Mates – Jack Atkinson tells all from the Alfreton dressing room!

By Vanarama News
13 September
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Vanarama go where many fear to tread and go behind the scenes to get the gossip

League sponsors Vanarama have been busy opening the changing room doors... so what lies behind?

Whose car is a shocker?
At the moment I’d have to say me, not sure how much longer it’ll last with the amount of miles I’m doing.

Who isn’t allowed to touch the car stereo?
I haven’t had the experience of having to listen to anybody else’s music yet in the car but there is a bit of everything on the stereo before the game so I couldn’t highlight anyone at the moment.

Who has what it takes to be a gaffer when they’re done playing?
I’d have to say David Lynch. You can just tell with the mentality he has on the field that he’d suit a managerial role.

Who is the class clown?
To be honest, we’ve got a few characters in the dressing room. Ben Tomlinson is up there, as well as Danny Clarke who loves to get a few sly jokes in here and there. But I’d have to give it to Bobby the assistant gaffer.

Who’s got the worst fashion sense?
I can’t really comment on this one as I wasn’t there at the time, but quite a few lads are still giving Ben Tomlinson stick from a few months back, but I think it was a one off so there’s no real standout winners for this one.

Best technique?
Bobby, Dale, Danny East, all three love to get the ball on the deck and each of them have a 60-yard diag in their locker.

Best trainer?
The three lads that have been in front of me since the start of the season; Dom Smith, Ryan Qualter and Shane Killock. They never shy out of a block so I’d have to say these if I was looking at it from a goalkeeping point of view.

Who’s got an annoying habit?
David Lynch loves a good moan but I feel that it brings out the best in the lads because when Lynchy’s around, you’ve got to be on your game

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